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My CDC Flies by Agostino Roncallo

Agostino Roncallo, one of the most innovative Italian fly tiers and surely the one who mostly developed the techniques of tying the CDC (cul de canard), offers the great opportunity to enjoy many of his fly tying recipes for free and in English!

My CDC Files is a collection of CDC files recipes that you can download by clicking on the links below.

All the recipes, divided in two PDF files, are in English and include a description of each fly, as well as notes of the author about its genesis.

Learn how to ties incredibly thin and lite fly patterns, some made of just one single CDC hackle, that can help you catch the most difficult fish.

Scarica la prima parte
(PDF 184 pag. - 52 MB.)


Download the first part
(PDF 184 pag. - 52 MB.)

Scarica la seconda parte
(PDF 188 pag. - 52 MB.)


Download the second part
(PDF 188 pag. - 52 MB.)

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